Knowledgeable & helpful: Meet our winning team!

Panther East is made up of the best workers in the industry. Meet our valuable and friendly staff, and feel free to reach out for assistance.

Bruce Ehrlich

Bruce Ehrlich

VP Black Cat Fasteners
Philadelphia, PA

Richard Moore

Richard Moore

President/General Manager
Philadelphia, PA

Greg Muldoon

Greg Muldoon

General Manager / Operations
Panther East / Black Cat Fasteners

Chip Everhardt

Chip Everhardt

Warehouse/Service Manager
Philadelphia, PA

Scott Haman

Scott Haman

Retail Manager / Stihl Specialist
Philadelphia, PA

Roger Strandberg

Roger Strandberg

Sales Representative
Philadelphia, PA

Jack Osborne

Jack Osborne

Branch Manager (Mid-Atlantic)
Mannassas, VA

Jessica Yaschur

Jessica Yaschur

Inside Sales — Retail
Philadelphia / Erie / Virginia

Donna McVey

Donna McVey

Inside Sales/Black Cat Fasteners
BCF — Philadelphia


Demi Barzana

Graphic Designer