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R2000 Cart

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Manufactured in America to be the best quality in the industry!

  • Streamlined design
  • 2 workers on fall arrest 2 workers on fall restraint
  • Quick removal of handle
  • Material Rack
  • Added safety features including 3 point positive locking brakes & engagement arm lock
  • Premium features come standard–including fork pockets, flat free tires, and 4 corner D rings for hoisting and securing during transport
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502(D)
  • Meets requirements of ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009
  • US Patent Number: 8,240,431 B2
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The R2000™ maintains the same safety features of the popular TriRex™ with a lighter weight for when the situation warrants. The R2000™ mobile anchor cart allows for mobile and versatile fall protection for 2 person fall arrest and 2 person fall restraint. The R2000™ meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502(D).


  • OSHA Compliant
  • No Assembly Required
  • No Counterweights
  • No Loose Parts
  • Useful On Every Job Site
  • NEW: Positive-locking wheel locks
  • NEW: Positive-locking front axle
  • NEW: Ratchet engagement arm lock - Automatically secures engagement arm to ensure unit will not disengage during a fall or rescue!
  • NEW: Streamlined frame
  • NEW: Convenient lifting fork-pockets
  • Standard Flat-Free Tires
  • Streamlined frame, removing any protrusions that might create tripping hazards
  • Enlarged front attachment plate to accommodate larger, different sized equipment
  • Open lifting hooks have been removed and replaced with closed guide-loops underneath the frame for lifting or securing during transportation
  • Fork pockets added so the R2000 can be easily moved and loaded without risking damage
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Manufacturer Leading Edge Safety
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  • LENGTH: 78"L 
  • WIDTH: 48"W 
  • HEIGHT: 63" 
  • WEIGHT: 850lbs (base model) 

TIRES: Solid Polyurethane 18x8.5x8 flat free tires, needle bearings, with grease zerks 

  • PLATFORM SIZE: 78" x 47" 

WARRANTY: Manufacturers limited warranty covers any defect in workmanship or materials 


  • DIMENSIONS: 47.5" wide x 24" tall x 30" deep 
  • CAPACITY: 20 cubic feet 
  • WEIGHT: 125 lbs. 
  • DESCRIPTION: 16 gauge solid steel construction, powder coated 


  • WEIGHT CARRY CAPACITY: 2000 lbs. gross weight rating 
  • FALL PROTECTION STANDARDS: 1926.502 (D) Fall Arrest Anchor 
  • FALL ARREST CAPACITY: 2 Workers (310 lbs.) 
  • FALL RESTRAINT CAPACITY: 2 Workers (310 lbs.)