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120 Volt - 45 Watts - Max Temperature Fixed 75 °F (± 10 °F). Powerblanket® Lite PBLCAUW delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat where it’s needed most – preventing caulking tubes from freezing and maintaining optimal temperatures. This Innovative heat spreading technology insulates, protects and maintains heat in a wide variety of applications. Discover how our Powerblanket technology can dramatically improve your output…and bottom line. Powerblanket® has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to caulking tubes and equipment. This revolutionary pouch design provides uniform heat to the entire surface of the 10.1 oz caulking tubes, eliminating hot and cold spots. Powerblanket Lite line is designed for heating jobs on a smaller scale. These models feature a lower power density than Powerblanket Industrial or Powerblanket Xtreme products. Rest assured that these heaters are the real deal! They are more efficient and safer than other heating elements on the market and certified to ETL, UL, CSA & CE safety standards. Keep your drums, barrels, buckets, pails & gas cylinder propane tanks warm in bitter climates so that you don't lose any production time, saving you both time and money. On those occasions when you don’t need all the extra strength and durability, however, there’s no use paying for more than you need, right? That’s why we created our Lite line. For those jobs that don’t necessitate the most robust and sturdy application possible, the Powerblanket Lite line is the best answer.
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Manufacturer Powerblanket
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Quickly heat materials to a preset 75 ºF / 32 ºC (± 10 ºF/5 ºC)

Provide an insulated full-wrap design

Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products

Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning

Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures

ETL certified to UL / CSA / CE safety standards