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NZD - ISO Flush (C1-PJR-GSPISOFlush)

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Enhanced worker safety, environmentally friendly designed to remove Flexible and Rigid SINGLE COMPONENT Part A excess liquid Isocyanate with or without solid material or PART B (Liquid Polyol) from processing equipment (feed line, feed tanks, mixing and metering equipment), as well as, loosening and removing crystallized isocyanate residues and build-up from equipment and parts.

-Non-Flammable (lower insurance premium)

- Non- Corrosive & compatible (safe on most commonly used O-rings, gaskets and hoses)

-Non-Reactive (does not form any zoetrope, does not cause explosion)

- Low order of toxicity

-Low VOC (5.9 Lbs. / Gallon)

-Low Rate of Evaporation (Low Vapor Pressure / High Boiling Point)

- Workers have no exposure to harmful fumes (exposure to vapors are minimized)

- Whatever quantity product you purchase, you will use (it does not evaporate like acetone, MEK and MeCl2)


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Manufacturer Global Specialty Products
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Weight 7.5lb
Country of Manufacture United States