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GRABBER ZAMAC Hammer Screw - One Step Drive Anchor

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Grabber's "The ZAMAC Hammer-Screw®" is a unique, one-step drive anchor featuring a Phillips type head and a screw thread for use in concrete, block, brick or stone. It is available in a 1/4â€Â diameter and lengths ranging from 3/4â€Â to 3â€Â.

With a body formed from corrosion resistant ZAMAC alloy and a carbon or stainless steel drive screw, this anchor has been developed as an improvement over standard nailin anchors.

Traditionally, ZAMAC Nailin anchors have been used for light duty, non-engineered applications and have not been recommended for use overhead. In order to overcome these problems, the ZZamac Hammer-Screw® has been designed to provide a removable anchor with up to 40% higher tension load capacities when installed in concrete.

While the standard ZAMAC Nailin has not been recommended for use overhead, the ZAMAC Hammer-Screw® can be used overhead provided it is designed by an engineer who will take the proper design considerations and safety factors into account. Call today for a Quote.

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