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The new Express Raptor Detail Torch combines precision, speed and safety. It's one-of-a-kind piezo ignition system instantly ignites the flame when squeezed.

The shorter flame is controlled with a progressive trigger for safer, more precise flame spread. Releasing the trigger automatically turns off the torch.

The Raptor basic kit comes with two interchangeable burners; a CERTA compliant 102K BTU burner for work on combustible substrates and 308K BTU for non-combustible substrates. The included quick connector also allows roofers to quickly switch from a traditional field torches to the Raptor and back again. A 60 PSI fixed regulator is also provided for precise propane pressure control and can be used with any conventional roofing torch.

Exclusively presented by Panther East.

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Components: One Raptor detail torch | Two Burners - 102K & 308K BTU | One Quick connector (M+F) | One Instruction sheet | Optional Express carrying case | Technical Specs: Weight 1.09 lbs | Burner Diameter 1.38 | Flame Length 9.8 | Max Capacity (BTU/hr) 320,000 | Gas Consumption 5.7 lbs/hr @ 60 PSI (102K Burner) or 14.9 lbs/hr @ 60 PSI (308K Burner) | Note: The Raptor detail roofing torch is a precision instrument. Use of the supplied gas pressure regulator is strongly recommended. Under pressurization of the propane gas may cause the tool to fail to ignite. Over pressurization of the propane gas may blow out the flame. The supplied regulator can be substituted into any roofing torch system, regardless of brand.