Chem Link formulates and manufactures high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and related products through three business units: construction & maintenance, private label and industrial/OEM. Our products are based on proprietary formulations that combine the highest performance with low environmental and human health risks.

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  1. NovaLink 35 Caulk Sealant
    ChemLink NovaLink 35 Caulk Sealant $4.91
  2. 1-Part Sealant
    ChemLink 1-Part Sealant $6.17
  3. M-1 Adhesive Sealant (10 oz.)
    ChemLink M-1 Adhesive Sealant (10 oz.) $6.31
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Curb Kits

  1. ChemCurb Kits
    ChemLink ChemCurb Kits $113.77
  2. E-Curbs/Minicurbs, Complete Kits
    ChemLink E-Curbs/Minicurbs, Complete Kits $81.95
  3. E-Curbs (Single Sets and Pieces)
    ChemLink E-Curbs (Single Sets and Pieces) $3.98
  4. Chem Curbs - (Curbs Only) Pre-Cast Components
    ChemLink Chem Curbs - (Curbs Only) Pre-Cast Components $78.11

Related Products

  1. Gaps and Cracks
    DOW Gaps and Cracks $6.99
  2. 3300 Professional Polyurethane Sealant
    Geocel 3300 Professional Polyurethane Sealant $6.59
  3. Patriot Jr. - AIR
    Amped Equipment Patriot Jr. - AIR Price upon request
  4. Patriot Jr.
    Amped Equipment Patriot Jr. Price upon request
  5. PJR-VEEManifold
    Amped Equipment PJR-VEEManifold $549.00