BlueWater - Architectural Series Guardrail

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The Architectural Series combines our non-penetrating guardrail system with an architectural appeal for those applications where appearance of the railing is important. The Architectural Series has a pleasing sightline and can enhance the overall appearance of your building while maintaining a fall protection barrier around the roof edge that meets OSHA Regulations. Since the Architectural Series utilizes the same patented, non-penetrating base as the SafetyRail 2000, your roof system will maintain its integrity and not be compromised by having to penetrate the roof surface for installation. The Architectural Series is ideal for new building construction, adding passive fall protection to an existing building or as an addition to existing guardrails.

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• More pleasing sightlines

• No holes need to be drilled

• Three uprights available: Curved, Incline or Straight

• Meets and exceeds OSHA Regulations for Fall Protection

• No intermediate counterweights required

• Up to 10 foot spacing between uprights

• Special orders for powder coated rail sections

• Custom engineering / manufacturing available for special applications

• Architectural Series has been tested by a nationally-known engineering firm and found to be in accordance with OSHA regulations

• These regulations are in fall protection for guardrail; sections 1910.23 and sections 1926.500 -1926.503