Donkey & Lil' Donkey - Mobile Roofing Adhesive, Primer, Spray Foam Application Carts

The DONKEY is a roofing spray adhesive mobile cart that holds 6 to 8 Tanks/Canisters simultaneously with no need to refill as often as you would in the past. This brand new for 2019 Patent Pending design has the capability to run 2 guns simultaneously to increase production, decrease downtime and maximize efficiency & cost savings. There is no other cart like the Donkey & Lil' Donkey on the market today. More

Best In Roofing, Winter 2019: Heated Mobile Spray Foam Cart - The Patriot Junior (PJR)

The Best In Roofing for 2018/2019 Winter Season: Heated Mobile Spray Foam Cart & Material Application Rig - The Patriot Junior (PJR) & Cold Weather. More

Heat Welders & Hot-air Tools - Latest & Greatest 2019

Spotlighting the best heat welding and hot air welders that lead the industry in customer ratings, satisfaction & reliability, and roofing field performance. Hot-Air heat welders are used on all types of roofing membranes and similar materials including TPO membranes, PVC membranes, Hypalon membranes and some EPDMs. More

Cold Weather Material Application

The biggest misconception across the roofing industry is that most material can be applied when temperatures are below freezing during the winter months because the product label proudly displays that point. This is partly true, but only when the material is properly stored at or around 70 degrees fahrenheit. This means that the material has to be stored and maintained at or around 70 degrees fahrenheit before and during application to ensure proper mixing (when applying a two-part product) of material and substrate adherence. More

Meet the Patriot Jr.

Meet the Patriot Jr.

The Patriot Jr. (PJR) is an inexpensive spray foam dispensing system on a customized cart, using the GRACO Reactor E8P as the main feature. More