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BF-110 Gallon Air-Jacketed Kettle

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Exclusive Full-Sweep Hydraulically Driven Agitator- Offers continuous rotation reducing the chance of the material burning. Available as an upgrade option. Manual agitation is standard.

Exclusive Burner Tube Design. Extends the full length of the material vat with evenly spaced burner holes to distribute heat uniformly. Eliminates hot and cold spots. Available on models 200 gallon and 400 gallon. Barrel burner design is standard on model 100 gallon.

Powerful Hi-output Propane Fueled Burner. Generates up to 550,000 b.t.u.’s depending upon the size of the kettle. Thoroughly heats material within an hour.

100% Automatic Controls with Fail-safe Pilot. Regulates material temperature automatically.

Insulated, Two-shell Design. Includes a thick layer of hi-temp insulation housed between the material vat and outside shelf to ensure maximum heat retention.

Hoisting Eyes. Welded on hoisting eyes are conveniently located on all four corners to raise the unit to an elevated surface.

Hitch. Pin hitch is standard. Ball hitch and lunette eye hitch are available as an option.

Advantage Plus Option. Includes a hydraulically driven 60 g.p.m
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Manufacturer Cleasby Manufacturing Company
Height 64in
Length 106in
Weight 2,400lb
Country of Manufacture

Safety Tip:

Kettle operator(s) must wear a hard hat with full-face shield, gloves that fit snugly at the wrists, long sleeve shirt that fastens at the wrists, long pants without cuffs and durable footwear that covers the ankles. Wearing inappropriate clothing could cause severe bodily harm due to hot asphalt exposure.