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Fall Protection and Safety Equipment Videos

AES Raptor TriRex - Drop Test Video 2012

310 lb. Droptest on top soil, 72" fall watch

Acro Residential Guardrail System

Video highlighting "ACRO Residential Guardrail... watch

Guardian Fall Protection - Rooftop Safety Kit -VIDEO

Check out the Guardian Rooftop Safety Kit!... watch

Guardian Fall Protection - Railmaster VIDEO

The Guardian Fall Protection "Railmaster"... watch

Guardian Safe-T Ladder Extension System VIDEO

Check out this detailed video on the safe... watch

Premium Edge Series Harness

Check out one of our most popular products,... watch

Edge Series Retractable Lifeline - Product Test VIDEO

We put our leading Edge Series Retractable... watch

XS Horizontal Lifeline System - VIDEO

Check out the XS Horizontal Lifeline System,... watch

Raptor - Grab Safe Portable (Ladder Extension) VIDEO

Getting to the roof is one of the most dangerous... watch

TriRex In Action

Simulation of a 250 weight falling 6 feet.... watch

AES Safety Leading Edge Mobile Fall Protection

AES RAptor Mobile Fall Protection watch


AES Raptor R1000 and TriRex Drop Test Video watch