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What a Winning Team!

Panther East is made up of the best workers in the industry.
Meet our valuable and friendly staff below.

Richard Moore

Richard Moore

President/General Manager
Philadelphia, PA

Meaghan Dunn

Meaghan Dunn

Marketing Director

Bruce Ehrlich

Bruce Ehrlich

VP Black Cat Fasteners
Philadelphia, PA

Greg Muldoon

Greg Muldoon

General Manager / Operations
Panther East / Black Cat Fasteners

Chip Everhardt

Chip Everhardt

Warehouse/Service Manager
Philadelphia, PA

Scott Haman

Scott Haman

Retail Manager / Stihl Specialist
Philadelphia, PA

Vince Madiraca

Vince Madiraca

Philadelphia / Erie / Virginia

Jack Osborne

Jack Osborne

Branch Manager (Mid-Atlantic)
Mannassas, VA

Jessica Yaschur

Jessica Yaschur

Inside Sales - Retail
Philadelphia / Erie / Virginia

Donna McVey

Donna McVey

Inside Sales/Black Cat Fasteners
BCF - Philadelphia

Mike Krasley

Mike Krasley

Dispatch Manager

Ross Nicolini

Ross Nicolini

Account Mgr / Safety Specialist