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Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handles

Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handles


Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handles come in an extensive array of sizes to reach a multitude of lengths. The 42" handle is our most popular size. Universal fitment allows you to use a Drywall Master Flat Finisher Handle with any Flat Box on the market (excluding TapeWorm). Available in a traditional straight handle design, or our exclusive egonomically bent handle design - The Hell-Bent Box Handle.


Product Numbers:
34DMFH - 34" Flat Finisher Handle
38DMFH - 38" Flat Finisher Handle
42DMFH - 42" Flat Finisher Handle
48DMFH - 48" Flat Finisher Handle
54DMFH - 54" Flat Finisher Handle
60DMFH - 60" Flat Finisher Handle
66DMFH - 66" Flat Finisher Handle
72DMFH - 72" Flat Finisher Handle

34DMHBFH - 34" Hell-Bent Box Handle
42DMHBFH - 42" Hell-Bent Box Handle
54DMHBFH - 54" Hell-Bent Box Handle
72DMHBFH - 72" Hell-Bent Box Handle

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