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Drywall Master Flat Finisher Boxes

Drywall Master Flat Finisher Boxes


The Flat Finisher Box is used to apply mud over taped joints on walls and ceilings. Typically users will start with a 7" to apply the first coat (bed coat). Once the mud dries a 10" box is used to apply the second coat (finish coat). The 12" is used to apply the third and final coat (skim coat). A Flat Finisher Handle is needed to control the Flat Finisher Box. Loading the Flat Finsher Boxes is quick and easy with a Loading Pump and Filler Adapter.


07DMFF - 7" Flat Finisher Box
10DMFF - 10" Flat Finisher Box
12DMFF - 12" Flat Finisher Box
See Flat Finisher Handles
Our Flat Finishers are made with long lasting superior quality alloys which are intended to withstand frequent use over a long period of time. THESE ARE STRONG BOXES! Our Flat Finishers are also interchangeable with the industry leaders.

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