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Drywall Master Corner Finisher

Drywall Master Corner Finisher


Drywall Master Bone Head Angle Heads are the perfect Corner Finishers. Bone Head Angle Heads exhibit extra thick, extremely durable, and beefy center clips. The frames are made of solid billet aluminum for increased longevity. We use military grade stainless steel for extra life and maximum corrosion resistance. Available with or without wheels in sizes 2.5", 3.0", and 3.5".


Product Numbers:

BoneHead Angle Heads with Wheels
2.5" - 25DMCFW
3.0" - 30DMCFW
3.5" - 305DMCFW

BoneHead Angle Heads without Wheels
2.5" - 25DMCF
3.0" - 30DMCF
3.5" - 305DMCF


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