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Drywall Master Corner Applicator

Drywall Master Corner Applicator


Corner Applicators are designed to work in tandem with Corner Finishers/Angle Heads. Together, these tools allow a user to consistly apply a light finish coat to both sides of an angle at the same time. Fill the Corner Applicator with the Loading Pump and Filler Adapter. Snap a Corner Finisher on the tip of the Stainless Steel Cone. The Corner Applicator is pressure controlled, meaning the harder you push, the more mud/compound is applied. We suggest applying even pressure throughout the complete application.


17DMCA - 7" Corner Applicator
18DMCA - 8" Corner Applicator
19DMCA - Corner Applicator Handle
Drywall Master Corner Applicators/Angle Boxes are available in both 7" and 8" sizes. High quality welds guarantee no leaks. Stainless steel cone for durability and longevity. Filling is easy with a Drywall Master Loading Pump. Corner Applicator available in Fiberglass with aluminum coupling.

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