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Panther East Shopping Guide

Get a free quote, make a purchase — or do BOTH in the same order.

Most Panther East products can be purchased online, but many require a quote from us before you buy. With some products, you have the choice of immediately purchasing or asking for a quote. That’s why we have a split-cart system: in one order you can both buy items and request a quote for others! You will only be charged for the items you purchase – and the items in the quote section of your cart will be estimated by Panther East free of charge.

If your cart contains both quotable and buyable items, you will have the opportunity to move items from your “quote cart” to your “buy cart” and vice versa (as long as an item is able to be purchased online).

What happens when I make a quote?

Just like a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation of the items you selected. Within 24 – 48 hours, Panther East will personally administrate your request and email you a quote. If you would like to purchase the items in your quote, you can either follow the link sent with the email or call Panther East at the number listed on the right and sent in the email.

Why do some products have a “View Options” button, instead of a “Quote” or “Buy” button?

Some items require selecting one of several product options (such as various sizes, colors, etc.) before you can decide to quote or buy. You must click the “View Options” button, bringing you to the product detail page, where you can then decide to quote or buy.

Shipping Guide

Due to the range of products Panther East carries, there are several shipping options that may apply. These various options are described below.

Separate Shipments

It may be that initially only part of your order is available for shipment. In this case, you have the choice of having items shipped to you separately as they become available or waiting for all items to be shipped in one shipment. Choose "Ship Separately" if you want items faster and would like us to ship items as they become available. By choosing this option you agree to pay any additional shipping costs and expenses incurred for such shipments.
Do not select this option if you would like us to group your items into as few shipments as possible.

Best Way

Choose this option if you would like Panther East to determine, in our sole discretion, the best way to ship your order. By choosing, you agree to let us choose the carrier and method of shipment used to ship your order and to pay all shipping costs and expenses incurred, which will be billed to you separately.

Freight Collect

This option allows you to select a carrier and method of shipment of your choice. By opting for freight collect, you agree to arrange for such shipment and pay all shipment costs and expenses directly to the carrier.

Special Shipping

If you see “Special Shipping” notice during your checkout, it means at least one item in your cart has special shipping needs. Your final price will not include freight charges. Shipping and Handling will be billed separately. Please choose “Best Way” if you wish Panther East to select the most cost effective shipping method. Choose “Freight Collect” and specify a carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) if you wish to have the shipping billed to your own freight account.

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Shipping Guide

Wondering what certain shipping types mean?
See our shipping section below.