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Caulk Warmer - Heated Foam Hose Extension Sleeve


The Foam HoseExtension Sleeve is designed for use with the 25' starter sleeve for foam insulation delivery hoses to keep the components at optimum temperature for best results.Constructed of industrial grade 16 AWG buss wires which provide reliable electrical current capability.

Self Regulating Heat Tape Features:

Electrical resistance varies with temperature. As process temperature drops, the core's heat output increases; as process temperature rises, the heat output decreases.

Energy efficient, self-regulating SRL uses less energy when less heat is required.

Because SRL is self-regulating, over-temperature conditions are minimized.

Polyolefin Jacket - Flame retardant, electrically insulates the matrix and buss wires and provides resistance to water and some inorganic chemical solutions.

Does not include nozzle or foam delivery hose - shown in pics for display and reference only.


• Outer Material: Heavy Duty Red Nylon Shell CPAI 84 - 2000 PSI
• Self Regulating Heat Tape Warming System - 5 Watts Per Foot
• Polyethylene Closed Cell Flame Retardant Foam Insulated Lining
• A&B Hoses Slide On With Easy Pull String System & Pulling Mesh
• Nylon Tie Wraps Secure Heat Tape To Foam Hose
• 6' Heavy Duty Industrial Cord on 25' Starter Unit
• 25' Long - Extensions can be Added to Accommodate 150' of Foam Delivery
• 120 VAC - 5 Watts Per Foot Along the Entire Length



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