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Raptor ALL-IN-ONE Kits (200' and 400')


The All-In-One™ railing base is the last base you will ever need to buy. You can install it on flat/low edges, over gravel stops, on parapet walls, and even on concrete slab overhangs. The post can accept either RaptorRail™ metal rails or lumber rails. The railing brackets can be adjusted vertically and rotated around the post, so setting up corners and strange geometries is simple. The All-In-One can be used to keep you safe on various applications, including low edge with a gravel stop, parapet walls up to 24” and slab overhangs. When you’re all done, the base and parapet clamp store in one convenient piece.

When you partner with Leading Edge Safety, you can always rest assured that you are in good hands. Because we are invested in your personal safety, we work to create guardrails and fall protection products that keep you safe in a number of instances. The All-In-One guardrail base enables you to use whatever product is best for your next roofing or maintenance project.


• Flat/Low edges
• Gravel stops
• Parapet walls
• Concrete slab overhangs
• Accepts RaptorRail metal rails or Lumber rails
• Completely adjustable
• Lightweight
• Complies with 1926.502(b) for guardrail systems
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