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OTSE - Raptor Cart w/Fast Track Guardrail System


Fall Arrest system for two workers and fall restraint for two. For concrete applications, only two workers for fall arrest and two for fall restraint. This modified Tri-rex features a storage box that includes: the fast track fall protection system with enough parts to provide up to 400 ft. of fall protection.

Safety Cart: Features new safety innovations in order to offer the safest, most reliable, and easiest to use mobile fall protection in the market. Some of the highlights:

• Streamline frame, removing any protrusions that might create tripping hazards

• Open lifting hooks have been removed and replaced with closed guide-loops underneath the frame for lifting and securing transportation

• Fork Pockets added so the Tri-Rex can be easily moved and loaded without risking damage


• OSHA Compliant
• No assembly required
• No counterweights
• No loose parts
• Useful on every job site
• Positive-locking wheel locks
• Positive-locking front axle
• Ratchet Engagement Arm Lock- Automatically secures engagement arm to secure, unit will not disengage during a fall or rescue!
• Streamline frame
• Convenient lifting fork pockets
• Standard Flat Free Tires


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