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Metal Devil® 9 Circular Saw


Metal Devil® metal cutting circular saws have a sturdy, heavy-duty feel as they cut through metal smoothly and with minimum effort. This saw was built to cut metal with a unique motor design that maintains torque and operates at the optimum RPM as the blade moves through steel, thin steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
• Sure grip handles help steady saw during cutting
• Special motor maintains torque at optimum RPM's during cutting
• NEW! Quick Release Chip Collection collects virtually all chips
• Durable carrying case
• Upper chamber also minimizes sparks and deadens sound
• Guide arrows and sight opening make it easier to position blade
• 9" saw can cut beveled edges with Laster Line cutting guide


• Weight (lbs.): 19.75
• Arbor Size: 25.4mm (1 Inch)
• Amps: 15
• Watts: 1,800
• RPM: 2,500
• Cord Length: 8' Power Cord
• Blade Size: 9"
• Maximum Cutting Depth: 3.25"
• Retracting Blade Guard
• Laser Line Cutting Guide