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Guardian - Angel Anchor System


Easy to assemble. Each weight has an attached handle for ease of movement/installation. Suitable for use on multiple roof surfaces. Corrosion resistance for long life. Suitable for use with SRL's conforming to ANSI Z359.1
Can be used on roofs up to a 5 degree slope.
Attach two systems with a cable and provide fall restraint for up to two workers. Read all instructions included with this product prior to use. The Angel Anchor System is designed for use by persons with the combined weight (tools, clothing, etc.) of no more than 310 lbs.
Personal Fall Arresting Systems used with this equipment must be rigged to limit a free fall of no more than 6 ft. as per ANSI Z359.1.
Minimize the risk of swing falls by working close to the anchorage point as possible. Do not permit a swing fall or injury could permit.
It is the responsibility of the user and the purchaser of this equipment to assure that they are familiar with these instructions, trained in the correct care and use of, and are aware of the operating characteristics, application limits, and the consequences of improper use of this equipment.


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