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GFP 30' Edge Series Retractable


The Guardian Heavy Duty Edge Retractable is designed to be used specifically for leading edge work, With an integrated shock pack attached to the cable lifeline, the retractable will keep the arresting force below 900lbs. while reducing the amount of impact forces on the cable lifeline at the same time. The ideal position of a retractable, when used as a part of a PFAS, is directly overhead. Often, contractors will place a retractable on the deck and use it at foot level. Almost all retractables on the market are not allowed to be used in this manner if the worker is exposed to a leading edge hazard.


The integrated shock pack on the retractable lifeline will help reduce the impact forces of the cable as it comes into contact with the leading edge. For more information, please call 800-620-7928.

Average locking speed: 4.5 feet per second
Max a


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