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Window and Door Foam Sealant


Window & Door foam sealant is exclusively formulated to air-seal the gap between a window or door frame and its rough opening. All GREAT STUFF™ products are polyurethane-based and offer superior performance advantages over latex products.

Window and door manufacturers such as Pella** Corporation have tested and endorsed GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door.


There are two key differences between latex foam and GREAT STUFF™ polyurethane foam sealant:

Latex foams are typically "open cell" and, as a result, can take on water. In fact, the same properties that allow you to wash latex foam off your hands with water also mean that the cured foam can absorb water. This can cause wood rot or deterioration in areas where wet latex foam is next to wood, such as a window frame. In contrast, GREAT STUFF™ is a closed-cell foam. It forms a water-resistant outer skin when cured.

Latex foam does not expand. GREAT STUFF™ expands to thoroughly fill all voids and cavities making it an ideal air sealant.