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Pro 14 Foam Dispensing Gun


Available in 7.75" (20 cm) and 40” (102 cm) length barrels, the PRO 14 Foam Dispensing Gun has just the reach you need for applying adhesive or when filling, sealing and insulating gaps, cracks, and window and door jambs. The PRO 14 Gun enables precise, pinpoint application control when applying GREAT STUFF PRO™ products and features:

• Durable, lightweight, high-strength aluminum body
• Good bead control; allows variable bead size from 1/8" to 3" (0.3 cm to 8 cm)
• Nonstick can adapter and needle
• Large flow control knob with secured back-screw system
• Replaceable smooth dispensing nozzle
• Includes one needle-nosed tip


All PRO Series foam dispensing guns eliminate post-dispensing foam drip, helping reduce foam waste and minimize cleanup. A tight seal between the gun and the can allows the can to be reused for up to 30 days.