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BlueWater - ParaRail Roof Edge Guardrail Extension


The patent-pending ParaRail roof edge guardrail extension is a non-penetrating, self-supporting system that allows workers full access to a leading edge on a flat roof or the roof’s parapet. The ParaRail exceeds OSHA Regulations (29 CFR 1910.23 and 1926.502) for leading edge roof top safety and fall protection safety with a portable guardrail system.

Used as a permanent fall protection configuration or a portable roof railing, the ParaRail can be easily moved to different locations. ParaRail provides fall protection for a variety of tasks including maintenance for security cameras, antennas, lights, drain cleaning and hoisting of tools and materials. Applications include office buildings, airports, high-rises, parking decks, raised docks, shopping centers, mezzanines and bridges.


• No holes need to be drilled
• Meets and exceeds OSHA Regulations for Fall Protection
• Optional rubber pads are available for added protection of roof membranes when desired
• Powder-coat or galvanized finishes available