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BlueWater - KwikRail Modular Safety Handrail System


The KwikRail Modular Safety Handrail System is easy to assemble and can be quickly installed on site with just a hex key. Featuring a 42” tall metal handrail, 21″ lower guardrail, handrail brackets and handrail fittings, the KwikRail creates a tough and durable barrier in just minutes with no welding. Ideal for a variety of permanent applications such as machine guarding, traffic control, crowd control, elevated platforms and stairway landings.

• Cross members come standard in 6’ lengths with the option to cut the cross members to size
• Systems come in kit form
• Custom gates available
• Kits are secured with off-the-shelf anchoring bolts

Specifically engineered to be easily customized, the KwikRail Modular Safety Handrail System is the optimal permanent guardrail system.