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5 inch Angle Grinder


Features a unique dial speed control allowing the operator to adjust the grinder’s RPM’s when using different types of abrasives. Service-Minder brushes stop tool automatically when in need of servicing. Vibration Control Handle — Reduces vibration up to 60%, providing uncompromising comfort for extended periods of work. Guard can be adjusted without tools. Patented Constant Response™ Circuitry provides a soft start gradually bringing the tool up to full RPM prolonging gear and overall tool life. 2-position vibration control side handle reduces vibration up to 60%, providing comfort for extended periods of work. Includes guard, vibration control auxiliary handle, flange kit, spanner wrench and metal grinding wheel.
• Directed Air Flow Unique design diverts dust away from switch and vital components.


• 5/8" -11 Spindle — wide flexibility for mounting most popular accessories
• Tool-free adjustable guard — Quick guard installation and adjustments
• Spindle Lock — For quick wheel changes


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